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Rob Patterson | May 9, 2016

At Redeemer we’ve been rediscovering how the music we sing shapes us, and our thoughts about God. Because of this we’ve been asking ourselves, “What music do we really want to sing together on Sunday? What music will truly help point us God-ward?” Here are some songs we’ve found both beautiful and helpful.

As a priest at a local parish one of my jobs is to lead people in worshipping God. I do this by leading the liturgy and celebrating the sacraments, but I also write songs for our church to sing. Here’s a new collection of songs I just recorded specifically to support the liturgy.

Tunecore Cover

Our friend Fr. Tripp Prince is another priest in our diocese. He and his band Peter’s Branch have recorded a beautiful project called, “Songs of the Church.” At Redeemer, we especially love “Prayer to the Trinity,” “Hail, O True Body,” and “Firmly I Believe.” Fr. Tripp has written some great stuff here.


Marty Reardon is also part of our diocese. His band at Trinity in Atlanta have recorded a great project called the “The Anima Christi,” the title track to which we sing as often as possible for Communion. I love this one!


Sometimes we come to Sunday morning feeling broken. We’ve been learning it’s ok to not feel ok all the time, and that sometimes our worship takes the form of lament before God. The song “How Long” from Bifrost Arts’ new album “Lamentations: Simple Songs of Lament and Hope, Vol. 1” has been helping us out. This is good stuff.


We’ve been digging on this music, music we enjoy that points us to God. I hope it serves you well too!

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