New Website!

This summer Redeemer turns 5 years old! To celebrate we’ve given our website a new look, and along with it some new content!

Redeemer is all about building a Sanctuary of Renewal to see God’s Kingdom come in Santa Cruz and the world. When we say we’re building a Sanctuary of Renewal we mean that together we’re cultivating a safe place for all kinds of people to be reclaimed, renewed, and repurposed by God. That means this Sanctuary is for you, your friends, and your family.

Be sure to look around the new site, and then share it with someone you think may be interested in the church. You may like to share the sermons, or the description of the Church’s seasons, some of our music recommendations, or whatever else you think would help.

As we turn 5 years old this summer, we’re super grateful for all God’s already done among us, and we’re looking forward to what he’ll do in the next 5 years!