Child Protection Reporting Plan


Report to Church Leaders

If you suspect child abuse or neglect, or any other mistreatment of or injury to a child or youth please immediately report your suspicion to all three of the following people:

• Rector Rob Patterson
• Senior Warden Chelsea Fenwick
• Children’s Director Wendy Choy

Note: Reporting to Church Leaders does NOT supersede any applicable legal reporting requirements. If you are a mandatory reporter in the state California you must also report child abuse or neglect in accordance with California state law.

After you report to the Church Leaders, they will then:


Suspend Person Accused of Abuse from Duties

If the person accused of abuse is employed by or volunteering with the church, the Rector (or in his absence, the Senior Warden) will immediately remove the person accused of abuse from the situation in which the accusation arose and from any duties where he/she will have any further contact with children. This will be done quietly and without fanfare, but will be done quickly and without exception. 

The church leadership will determine whether the person accused of abuse will continue in ministry. An interim transfer to a position that has no contact with children is one possibility; a leave of absence (with pay if the person is an employee) may be another solution.


Notify Parents Where Appropriate

If the person accused of abuse is not the child’s parent or guardian or otherwise a member of the household, the Rector (or in his absence, the Senior Warden) will contact the child’s parents or appropriate guardians and offer support from the church.


Notify the Bishop

The Rector will notify the Bishop and/or his staff. The Bishop will notify the Diocesan Chancellor. The Bishop may request periodic updates of the investigation being conducted and subsequent actions taken at the local church level and/or may initiate his own investigation into the allegations of child abuse. 


Notify the Church’s Legal Counsel

In most circumstances, the Rector will notify the church’s legal counsel.