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2402 Cabrillo College Drive
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What to Expect


A church that is rooted in the Word of God and prayer. A community that hungers and thirsts for righteousness. A body that comes before Christ with reverence and anticipation.

Our worship joins the practices of the most ancient traditions of the early church with current expressions of the faith. When we gather on Sundays, the center of our worship is the celebration of the Eucharist: God pours out his grace on us as we receive the gift of his son Jesus Christ.

Come as you are, connect with Christ’s body, and be transformed.

We look forward to meeting you!

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September 5 - November 21
Every Thursday from 5:30-8:00 pm

Join Redeemer Anglican Church this fall for a weekly church family gathering.

Our weekly Thursday Gathering is going to be a key time to grow in our faith and will lead to the availability of Confirmations in the New Year. So be sure to clear your schedule and save Thursday evenings to be with the church!

Bring the whole family to share a meal at 5:30 p.m., worship together at 6:30 p.m., and head off to classes at 7 p.m. We know traffic can be rough, so feel free to arrive at any point during the evening. If you can't make it for the meal, join us for the worship and class.

Dinner at 5:30 p.m.
Provided by Redeemer.
Suggested donation: $5-10/person

Family Prayer at 6:30 p.m.

Scripture, liturgy & music.

Classes at 7:00 p.m.

Adult catechesis
Youth catechesis (6-12th grade)
Childcare (Preschool - 5th grade)

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At Redeemer we love children and are intentional in our approach to their spiritual growth. It's our goal to facilitate a developmentally appropriate process of guided discovery and discipleship for each child. Each Sunday we spend time reading God’s word, praying, and growing in our faith. Come and join us as we encourage and build up our youth in their walk with Jesus.

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Our Sunday Classes

All children join the rest of the congregation in the sanctuary for the beginning of the service. After a few songs, children are dismissed to their respective classes. They rejoin their parents to participate in the Holy Communion.

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Our Youngest (ages 0-3)

Our children’s roots in Christ begin to grow at the earliest ages. In our attentive play, we extend God’s love to them in a way that meets and welcomes them in to the life of the church family.

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Preschool to First Grade (ages 4–6)

As our seeds shoot into sprouts, they are constantly learning through their play. Sprouts use Godly Play curriculum with a focus on the Rhythm of the church life. We start in small ways reinforcing the symbols, timing, and teaching of the church. In our teaching and play, we meet the heart and mind of our Sprouts, who come to know themselves as an active part of our church and an active member of worship.

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First to Sixth Grade (ages 7–11)

As Sprouts branch out, they can bear more weight and reach higher into the sky. The Hearts Alive curriculum roots these Saplings into the rhythm of the church family with a focus on the church calendar. A timeline and study of the Saints roots them into Church history. Lastly, our Saplings are rooted in what we do. They join in the Prayers of the People, and discuss questions like how to be light to the world.

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Have questions?

Contact our Children’s Director below.


A Note About Child Protection

We recognize that caring for our children and youth is a sacred trust. That’s why we’ve adopted a program to protect our children and youth from abuse.
Click below to find out more.


Youth Group

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meets During our Thursday Gathering | 5:30 - 8:00 pm

Our Youth Group (Grades 6-12) is led by Deacon Mike Lindstedt, and meets weekly to fellowship and learn more about what it means to be a Christian. Bring your friends!


Kyrie Christian Fellowship

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College Ministry at UC Santa Cruz

Redeemer partners with Trinity Bible Church in Felton and Trinity Covenant Church in Aptos to help form UCSC students in the way of Christ. At Kyrie we develop relationships with the students on campus, help them grow in Christ, and encourage them to participate in the life of the local Church. 

We meet Wednesday evenings from 8-10pm at various places on campus.
Find us on Facebook to see where we’re meeting.

For more information or to serve as a mentor, small group leader, or in some other way, contact us below.


Refresh. Connect. Be filled.

Our Redeemer church family takes a retreat every fall in order to grow closer together, pray together, and become refreshed.


Fall 2019

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Draw Near: “Draw near with confidence before the throne of grace,” Hebrews 4:16a.

As Christians, our primary task in the world is to open ourselves up to God and draw near to him. But this can be easier said than done! At this year’s Fall Retreat we will learn some key practices to help us along the way. We’ll also have time to engage in these practices under the expert guidance of our retreat speaker Courtney Towery.

Registration now open!


Serve on a Ministry Team


Click on a team below to learn more about how you can serve at Redeemer.


Our prayer team and staff would love to pray for you.

Please let us know how we can.